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Why Hire A Civilian Military Defense Attonrey?

Why do I need a civilian military defense attorney?

There is a good chance you are wondering why you should pay for a lawyer when the government gives you one for free. The fact that you're here looking at our site might mean that you already have some idea of why it is a good idea to hire a firm like ours. Let's address some of the dangers of not hiring a good attorney to help you with your military case.

The truth is, when you are facing the government and the government is trying to take away your job, your freedom, and your future employability and reputation, you need the best possible legal defense counsel. There is so much to lose in this kind of situation and you do not want to leave your future in the hands of a government attorney. If you lose your case, it will cost you significantly more in the long run than it will to hire an experienced attorney. 

Some examples of what is at risk if you lose your case are: 

-your job

-your future employability

-your military retirement

-your medical benefits

-you may lose or have to pay back your enlistment bonus

-you may have to pay back your military academy education

-you may have to register as a sex offender for life

This is not meant to scare you, but just to prepare you for what you might be risking if you choose not to hire an experienced civilian military attorney. 

If you choose to hire us, we ensure that you are a priority. Ideally, you should hire a civilian military attorney at the first sign of trouble. You should never wait until you have been interrogated or formally charged before talking to a defense attorney. As soon as you encounter an issue, you should hire an attorney so that you can be represented every step of the way for the best possible result. Often, JAG defense attorneys are juggling other military officer duties and do not get to their clients until they are formally charged or under current investigation. No matter how small the case may initially seem, it is important to speak with an attorney before you are interrogated or arrested. The sooner you get a civilian military attorney, the sooner we can start working to resolve your case. Sometimes it may even be possible to avoid charges if you hire an attorney soon enough in the process. 

To schedule a free, no obligation consultation with our attorney, please contact us.

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