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Client 6

Posted by Steven - August 19, 2021

Super Lawyer

From the first phone call and first conversation to the reading of the verdict from the judge. Mrs Lansdown knowledge education and caring spirit and dedication could be shown. I could tell that she had worked a lot of hours covering every detail of my case. I never at any time had any doubts that she was doing everything possible to make sure that we were successful. Not only did she sacrifice her personal time to make sure that my case was good to go she also traveled to make sure that she was by my side in court. She never at any time advised me to take any pleases or bargains that were not in my best interest. She stuck by trusting everything that I had told her and also helped to find evidence that proved without a shadow of a doubt that I was innocent. I believe that anybody who needs somebody in their corner that's going through any type of legal situation should definitely reach out to her and you will not be disappointed. I have only dealt with or talked with lawyers once or twice in my lifetime. I can definitely say that Mrs lansdown is very easy to talk to . If you ask a question and on the spot she does not know she will definitely within a short period of time get back to you and let you know the answer after a speedy investigating of the subject. I will have to admit I was in court with her with other lawyers and the other lawyers were very unprepared I felt very confident and happy that I did not have to worry about that. And just dealing with her and talking with her you could definitely tell she had a very high professionalism. I pray that in the near future more lawyers are produced to the world like Mrs Lansdown she is my true hero.(super lawyer) whether if we would have won or lost she was awesome. But I am very grateful that we came home with a victory all thanks to her.

Client 4

Posted by Michael - November 6, 2020

Highly Recommend

Ashley Lansdown was a beacon of hope to my first ever traffic infraction at a time where my options appeared limited and the likelihood of satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Not only was she able to defend for me, but her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and the situation. Chatting with her genuinely felt as if I were chatting with an old friend because she was always contactable and reliable. I am truly grateful for her service and would definitely recommend her for any law help!

Client 5

Posted by Bob - August 27, 2020

Thank you

Thank you Ms. Ashley for your professionalism and working hard to make sure my case went smooth and successful. You were very patient, kind and always available to listen to me and my concerns. I couldn't have made it this far without your professional and personal efforts. To you my case was not just another job, it was personal and for that I appreciate you and what you do. Good Luck in all you do and may you continue to change lives positively as you did for me. Thank you.

Client 6

Posted by Argjenta - July 21, 2020

Personable, knowledgeable, and responsive

I had inquired about my case and Ashley responded right away. I was very worried that something was going to happen to me but after talking to Ashley the fear went away and felt peace of mind. Ashley called me right away explained what may happen, what she can do for me and offered her assistance right away without any hesitation. Plus, she is someone that actually listens to what you have to say and not impose fear without looking at all the facts. I would highly recommend to anyone who may go through same journey as I did because you will not regret it. Ashley, thank you again for all your hard work & dedication.

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