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Computer Sex Crimes

You need an experienced attorney for your child pornography or exploitation case.

The military takes child pornography very seriously and prosecutes these cases aggressively. Lately, there are a lot of cases involving the use of the internet or a phone to communicate with minors (or law enforcement agents pretending to be underage). These cases often lead to child pornography charges. 

These types of cases are some of the most complicated areas of criminal defense because of the media forensic science involved. In addition to the science, defense attorneys need to understand how law enforcement agencies investigate child pornography cases and exploitation cases, their tactics, and how they get warrants and conduct child porn searches. It is important that your defense attorney knows all the mitigating factors that could help you get a lesser sentence if it comes to that.

Because of the seriousness of these types of cases, it is very important that you get an experienced civilian military defense attorney who will take the time to parse through the complicated legal and scientific issues to get you the best possible outcome.

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