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All articles, comments, blogs, posts, and writings on The Law Office of Ashley Lansdown, PLLC website are general in nature and are intended only as background materials for informational purposes. Information provided may or may not be outdated. You should not act or rely on any information or opinions on The Law Office of Ashley Lansdown, PLLC website. Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice and may not apply to your specific situation or the information may be incomplete. You are not authorized to treat The Law Office of Ashley Lansdown, PLLC as a source of legal advice or relying or delaying action based on anything on this website.  Please seek the advice of a qualified attorney in the applicable subject matter and jurisdiction of your legal issue.

No Attorney-Client Relationship Created:

Communication of information through this website and your use of any information on this website is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship with The Law Office of Ashley Lansdown, PLLC or any of the firm's attorneys. The creation of the attorney-client relationship would require direct, personal contact between you and our firm through one or more attorneys and would also require an explicit agreement by the firm that confirms that an attorney-client relationship is established and the terms of that relationship.  You should not rely upon transmission of an e-mail through this website to create an attorney-client relationship. Without an attorney-client relationship in the particular matter, we cannot assure that your communications via the website will be privileged or that we will treat it as privileged, unless we reach an explicit agreement otherwise. Therefore, please do not send confidential or sensitive information to us by e-mail through The Law Office of Ashley Lansdown, PLLC website.

Advertising Notice: 

There is no effort or intention to solicit new clients or new engagements from existing clients by way of this website; nor should any of the information and content published on the website be construed as representing any of our lawyers' availability to practice in jurisdictions where they are not authorized to do so.

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